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Thixotropy Definition

It is the property exhibited by some gels or fluids that are generally viscous or thick under normal conditions, but turn to a less viscous state when shaken, stirred or agitated. These gels later take a certain period of time to return to their original state when allowed to stand without being disturbed.

Viscosity of a non-Newtonian pseudoplastic fluid is inversely proportional to time; longer the fluid is prone to shear stress, lower its viscosity. The fluids have flow properties that are not described by a single constant value viscosity. These are dependent only on the shear rate. Thixotropic fluids generally take a specific amount of time to attain equilibrium viscosity when the value of the shear rate changes. The term “thixotropy” is derived from the Greek word “thixis” that refers to touch and “tropy” meaning, of turning, or to turn. Continue reading